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Surrey Performing Arts Library


The Surrey Performing Arts Library is an award winning library for the performing arts – one of the three largest in England – currently run as part of Surrey County Council (SCC) Libraries.


It is used by hundreds of music and drama groups in Surrey and beyond, to hire multiple copies of plays and scores, and by individuals to borrow specialist books, music and other resources.


In the face of severe Budget challenges, SCC propose to move the collection in April, splitting it over two or more libraries, and leaving it without specialist staff, to save money.


If that goes ahead, we believe this will quickly lead to the deterioration of the material and ultimately the loss of this great resource.


NewSPAL is a newly formed charity overseen by users for users, offering to take over the running of the performing arts library from SCC to safeguard it for the future.


But it needs your help to get going!


NewSPAL needs to prove to SCC that it has the support of users and that it can raise

pledges of £84,000 and of volunteer time for the transition from SCC to NewSPAL.



  • To get the mandate from SCC at their Cabinet meeting on 27 March, we need pledges of support, money and volunteer time for the transition by 15 March 2018.
  • If we don’t get the mandate at that meeting, we must work towards raising the necessary funding, finding premises and getting support and volunteer backing as soon as possible - desirably by July 2018, with a view to taking on the library as soon as possible after that.


Update 17 April: SCC has again deferred consideration by Cabinet of the future of SPAL - which it has now indicated will be considered at the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday 29 May, rather than at March or April meetings.

However, we were still required to submit an update of our proposals by 15 March, and an update by 13 April, which we did. As of 17 April, NewSPAL has received pledges of around £72,000 - some 85% or our initial target of £84,000 - and the support of 218 groups, representing nearly 12,000 people.


So a big thank you to all of you who have voiced your support for our proposals and for your amazing generosity! The NewSPAL trustees feel that users' and audiences' support is making their efforts worthwhile and want to thank you all for your help and pledges.


BUT we still have a long way to go - and we still need pledges of support from as many individual users as possible. We need to be able to show SCC that we have the overwhelming support of users -- we are required to submit an updated report by 25 April.


So please ask every individual user of SPAL that you know -- and every individual member of your performing arts groups -- to pledge support at http://support-us.newspal.org.uk.


And please put Tuesday 29 May 2pm in Kingston in your diary - hopefully that will be the day when a positive decision is taken for the future of SPAL. You will be able to find the papers and details of the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday 22 May on the SCC website.

Thank you

If you value the thriving performing arts in Surrey and beyond...

Please pledge your support

(time, money, premises, expertise…)

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NewSPAL -- The Performing Arts Library in Surrey


The Surrey Performing Arts Library is award winning and one of the three largest in England


Help create a secure future for the Library



Target: To raise £84,000 transition costs


15 March/31 July 2018 - details HERE


Target: To recruit volunteers to help with transition tasks


15 March/31 July 2018 - details HERE


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